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Preparations and planning of a wedding begins from the day the happy couple decides to tie the knot. Apart from the millions of congratulatory messages the couple receives, they are also bombarded with the most inevitable question of all: when and where the wedding will take place.

Choices are unending; gone are the days when a couple would mention the name of the only wedding venue in their hometown. Those who are planning a wedding are spoilt for choice, and if they reside in a metropolitan, then choosing the right wedding banquet can be a daunting task.

Couples need to think of a vast variety of things before they finalise the venue. Although most people assume that choosing a wedding venue is the easiest task out of all other wedding plans, in reality, there is far more to consider than just the décor of the place. Everyone has their aspirations of choosing a venue that is not just beautiful and appropriate, but affordable too. The ‘Big Day’ is a memory that will be embedded within all family stories, and to make this memory worth recounting, serious work needs to go into choosing an apt venue for your wedding.

Here are some important things to consider before choosing a banquet for a wedding:

1. Wedding Theme:  First, you need to ask yourself what kind of a wedding you have always envisaged for yourself. Are you looking at a traditional, colour based theme or do you want something more in step with the times? This decision itself will help you narrow down your options for a wedding venue and one that fits your criteria.

2. Guest List:  You possibly cannot decide a venue or banquet hall till you are not somewhat clear about the number of people you would like to invite. Even though it will be impossible to know the exact number of invitees at such an early date, but if you do not have an idea of the size of the wedding you plan to have, then deciding the venue will be an uphill task.

3. Season:  Couples also need to keep in mind the season they want to tie the knot in. This will also narrow down the search as some places offer only banquet halls while others have perfect, landscaped outdoor venues. Some wedding venues will showcase beautiful pictures from a summer wedding but may not be equipped to handle one as efficiently in the winter months. Some relevant questions to consider before choosing a venue would be if it is equipped to handle guests if the weather changes suddenly on the decided date, like rain or a hot spell, if the lighting is adequate and if there is backup space to accommodate the guests lest there be sudden rain.

4. Location:  The next crucial factor will be whether the wedding is to be held in the town of the bride or the groom, in cases where they reside in different cities. Couples nowadays sometimes skip their hometown completely and instead have a destination wedding like a beach party or a royal themed wedding at a fort hotel. However, if the wedding venue is located in your hometown then one of the major factors to keep in mind is the location. A wedding banquet too far out of the city could pose a problem but on the other hand one within the city may have its shortcomings too like inadequate parking space and crowded surroundings. The venue should also be one that can be located with ease, with optimum approachability and freshness to attendees.

5. Budget:  An extremely important facet of planning your wedding will depend on the budget you have kept aside for it. There will be various aspects to take care of like jewellery, gifts, and catering, as well as wedding invites. You will need to allocate a budget for the wedding celebrations and this will include the wedding banquet. It is not necessary that choosing the best wedding destination will only be possible if you have lots of money to spend. There are several banquets which offer excellent quality and service at reasonable rates, provided you are willing to do some research and dedicate time to look for the dream destination for your wedding.

Making a list with all your requirements and questions will ease the hunt for the perfect location. Many couples do not consider it important to decide a wedding style early on and that is where they lose out on options and end up spending more than was earlier planned. Another vital rule to follow is to get everything in writing from the banquet management so there is no surprise sprung on you on your special day.

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