New age ceremonies in indian weddings

June 21, 2016

Out with the old, IN with the new! Well, almost…

Nowadays, Indian weddings are transitioning to new customs and ceremonies, but thankfully without deviating from age-old rituals and ceremonies.

Rewind 5 years and no one could have visualized the bride and groom dirty dancing on “Cocktail Night” that makes Dadi-ma cringe today! But that’s what Bollywood and of course, globalization does to you.
So here are a few new age ceremonies in Indian weddings that were not present before:

Wedding Planners

First on the list has to be wedding planners as a custom, if not a ceremony. Gone are the days when Panditji used to be the Boss of all. Nowadays it’s the wedding planners who boss everyone around.

They make the bride lose weight. They bully the groom to become more hip. They even make family members shake their booty with the help of a dimple-chinned “Bollywood-related” choreographer. And everyone loves them!

Wedding Cakes

Oh! I missed cake too. Around the time I got married, people would have started singing “Happy Birthday” mistaking my wedding cake for a birthday cake.

But nowadays with western influence (through movies and TV), many couples cut wedding cakes to kick- start their wedding reception parties.

And that too followed by the couple’s first dance together as man and wife.

Cocktail Nights

When I got married, having separate Sangeet and Mehndi days raised the eyebrows of my father’s relatives. Oh what a waste of money! But as “cocktail nights” become more prominent in weddings nowadays, I wonder how my aunts would’ve reacted. I think (hope) they would have enjoyed gyrating to the tunes of a DJ, or just music.

Cocktail nights are informal get-togethers where you can hire a DJ (or not) to just hang and let loose. With no rituals planned for that time, the bride and groom, and respective families can actually enjoy, instead of worrying about the wedding arrangements. And of course, the ladies can show off their sexy silhouettes in sky-high stilettos.. Fun fun all around.

Celebrity Sangeets

While the function of Sangeet is an age-old tradition, nowadays most big-budget Sangeet ceremonies (or Ladies’ Night) promises celebrity presence AND performances, mostly by Bollywood and Indian TV personalities. Though rare but not impossible, Hollywood celebrities have also made their grand entries in big fat Indian weddings, like Jennifer Lopez in the Hinduja-Mahtani wedding of 2013, in Rajasthan.


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