Unmatchable comfort for the guests is our priority and to facilitate that immensely luxurious lounges have been equipped for a pampered stay. A diverse platter of cuisines is an added bonus for guests after and during each conference session.

There’s a provision to hold outdoor conferences in The Camp Greens which has lawns with freshly manicured flora that speaks sophistication.

The North Manor’s highly efficient staff is responsible for keeping the prerequisites for the sessions readily available at all times.

Centralized air conditioning and plush restrooms ensure a comfortable stay for the guests. We provide special packages for well-rounded conferences as per your requirements.


The North Manor aims to build the ideal environment required for any type of conference with utter professionalism. In addition to refined amenities for the guests, The North Manor ensures an unmitigated supply of resources required for a successful conference.

Being the first digitally connected venue of the region, it has high speed seamless connectivity in addition to live video streaming.

Thanks to full CCTV coverage there is a video wall that can display the occurrences of any event taking place.

The High Mile proves to be a perfect choice for a hall with its personalized modernistic design as it can easily accommodate over 1000 guests at a time. Situated on the Chandigarh-Delhi highway, it is easily accessible and yet far away from the crowd.