Fully Equipped Makeup Room

Impeccable Venue

Adding more spice to the oozing festive enthusiasm, here at The North Manor we comfort your worries of looking perfect diva on the spot. Fully equipped bridal makeup room with complete touch up amenities to nurture and enhance your beauty.

Well trained quality staff and hospitality, serve all your needs. Luminous and nicely sculptured furniture and all kinds of makeup styles help emboss special features to make you look gorgeous.

No need to travel all along with hefty makeup kits and to dress up early in hot and humid weathers. Fully air-conditioned rooms with comfortable and spacious seating allow you to have a pleasurable experience decorating yourself. Celebrate with us and dress up to your best, taking your time to be the most ravishing lady.

Impeccable Venue

“Flowers rained from heaven in praise of young beautiful bride as she walked with all grace dressed in gold and silver.” Seem a splendid scene to imagine, The North Manor can make your dream to leave all present awestruck with your jaw dropping beauty come true. Dress up when you feel freshest and in mood to rock the party at our fully furnished makeup room equipped with top class makeup kits and genuinely qualified staff.

Get that favorite parlor style up just at the venue that awaits your benign presence. With high end makeover tools and well lit dressing areas you ought to look a charming doll. Get a chance to dress up the bride and make jubilant and vibrant moments to cherish for life. With best in class services we owe you your dream reflection.